Scientific Support & Laboratory Network

To gather reliable and standardized diagnostic data and results, these veterinarians are supported by partner laboratories.

For Laboratory testing, Ceva relies on:

  • Three Ceva reference laboratories (Scientific Studies Investigations Units – SSIUs) based in Hungary, the US and China
  • Local partner laboratories certified by Ceva for PCR vaccine take evaluation. This network of certified PCR vaccine evaluation laboratories ensures that knowledge and findings are shared between partner and Ceva laboratories to collectively standardize the diagnostic service.
  • Over 90 service laboratories around the world for serological data. In 2022, these laboratories were invited to participate in a quality recognition program for serological testing, developed by Ceva in collaboration with Royal GD.

Over the past year, we have developed our human resources network and our processes and tools to meet our worldwide customers’ disease control and prevention needs.

The scientific and technical insights shared among our partner network translates into improved disease control efficiency and higher economic profitability. This is a major benefit to our current and future customers.

Photo: Laboratories participating in the Ceva Poultry serology quality recognition program


SSIU Network

275 RWE analyses

completed from 2017 to 2022 

22 RWE Vets

actively working worldwide

37 countries

using the Ceva Data Services

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