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Autogenous Vaccines

Autogenous vaccines make it possible to have a unique and constantly updated combination by selecting specific strains in the field. 

These “custom-made” vaccines have become an essential weapon against the repeated use of antibiotics on infected farms, especially in the poultry sectors, where the current policy requires reduced and rational antibiotic use.​​

What are autogenous vaccines

Autogenous vaccines are made from bacterial or viral isolates (pathogens or antigens) taken from infected flocks on the same farm.

These inactivated vaccines are used on other flocks on the same and neighboring farms to stimulate immunity to that particular isolate.

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Advantages of autogenous vaccines

Veterinarians and animal health managers use autogenous vaccines when there is no suitable vaccine available (eg. Adenovirus, Astrovirus, Riemerellaetc.) or in addition to commercial vaccine programs.  They are also useful when the bacterial or viral agents have a broad antigen variability (eg. E.coli, Reovirus, etc.).

Autogenous Vaccine Services at Ceva

Cevac Biovac in France, and Ceva Lenexa in the USA are R&D and production centers with over 20 years’ experience in autogenous vaccine development and distribution.

Their products have enabled veterinarians in the USA, Europe, and several Latin American, African, and Asian countries to improve the vaccination regimen and protect millions of birds every year.

Viral autogenous vaccines are produced in collaboration with Filavie (France) to supply Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Autogenous vaccines contribute in a major way to Antibiotic-free (ABF) broiler, layer, turkey, and duck production as well as to improved health and welfare in the poultry industry.

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