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The C.H.I.C.K® Program

The C.H.I.C.K Program is the best-in-class hatchery vaccination service provided exclusively by Ceva specialists around the world to its customers and partners. ​

​Thanks to quality-approved people, equipment, and processes, the Ceva Hatchery Immunization Control Keys’s program,  known  by everyone in the industry as the C.H.I.C.K Program aims at having 100% consistently well-vaccinated birds.​


The C.H.I.C.K ® Program is implemented by qualified national teams of hatchery specialists in over a thousand hatcheries worldwide. ​​

They provide training to hatchery operators and successfully install the most basic to the most sophisticated hatchery technology equipment. ​​

After installations, a continuous improvement plan is set up and monitored together with the hatchery management.​​

Our services for hatchery vaccination

In the C.H.I.C.K Program, we make available a full set of procedures (SOP’s)  to train and evaluate hatchery staff on the best practices for every stage in the hatchery vaccination process.

From storage of vaccines, vaccine mixing procedures, and administration quality through to equipment care, all steps are carefully covered for successful vaccination.

Vaccine Preparation 

Dedicated procedures for the proper mixing of any type of vaccines.

Dosing accuracy

Ensuring one full dose of vaccine is applied to every chick.

Operational Control

Monitoring the proper setting, operation and cleaning of equipment.

Equipment care

Ensuring proper installation and preventive maintenance.​

Administration quality

Random visual inspection of chicks to identify vaccination failures.

Our services for In Ovo Vaccination

When installing Egginject® in ovo system combined with LaserLife®, Ceva teams provide a specialized service package called the In ovo C.H.I.C.K Program.

Through the regular visits of our national teams of specialists, the In ovo C.H.I.C.K Program aims at ensuring that 100 % of eggs are properly vaccinated while taking a holistic approach.

This includes the monitoring of factors influencing in ovo vaccination such as vaccine preparation, egg quality, embryo age diagnosis, process sanitation, vaccine dosage, and hatchability and chick quality assessments among others.

Vaccine Preparation 

Dedicated procedures for proper mixing of in-ovo vaccines.​

Embryo Age Diagnosis

Key diagnosis to know the right time for the in-ovo injection according to the age of the embryo per flock.

Injection Technique​

Quality of injection assessments through the blue dye technique.​

Vaccine Dosage​

Controlling one full dose of vaccine is applied to every embryonated egg.

Process ​Sanitation 

Regular testing to maximize hygiene conditions during the in-ovo process.

Operational Control​

Monitoring the proper setting and overall operation of the equipment.

Egg Quality

Monitoring the quality of the eggshells at storage before injection.

Hatchability and Chick Quality

Key service at hatch to verify that the in-ovo process performance is according to what is expected.

The C.H.I.C.K® is a worldwide Quality Program

In 2016, Ceva achieved a first significant milestone for the animal health industry when the successful implementation of this service program received independent Quality Recognition from the Bureau Veritas Group, an international testing, certification, and inspection company.

Thanks to our unique Quality Code of Practice, the C.H.I.C.K Program services are based on four commitments to our customers:


hatchery operators trained per year


of hatcheries in the world audited


Units of vaccination equipment serviced per year


Hatchery audits per year


Vaccination Services specialists close to you


Hatcheries visited

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