Data and Equipment

Smart Solutions

Permanent process monitoring is key to modern poultry organisation. From breeder farms to slaughter, equipment connectivity or process digitalisation is now a must-have. Ceva Smart Solutions is bringing a new dimension to tackling tomorrow’s poultry producer challenges.

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Hatchery Vaccination

Best vaccines will never work if they are not properly delivered. Ceva hatchery vaccination technology was developed to ensure the highest vaccination quality, within hatchery conditions. Hatcheries of different sizes and production systems can now benefit from top-class in-ovo, subcutaneous, spray or gel vaccination.

In our C.H.I.C.K. Program, we make available a full set of procedures (SOP’s)  to train and evaluate hatchery staff on the best practices for every stage in the hatchery vaccination process.

From storage of vaccines, vaccine mixing procedures, and administration quality through to equipment care, all steps are carefully covered for successful vaccination.

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Hatchery Technology

New challenges, like the lack of human resources, are arising, disrupting traditional poultry systems to adapt to new market standards. Ceva hatchery technology helps to improve egg quality for better chick health.

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