It's all about optimizing day-old-chick vaccination


Dovac HIGHSPEED LINE® combines subcutaneous and spray vaccination, in an optimized work flow.

High vaccination output it achieved with minimum operators. Process is optimized, minimizing the risks associated with table vaccination.

A major breakthrough to improve day-old-chick vaccination processes

Dovac HIGHSPEED LINE® improves

  • Vaccination process efficiency
  • Process and operator comfort
  • Bird handling
  • Animal welfare

Optimized Process & Operator Comfort

Optimization of the line reduces required human resources by 20%.

Hatch baskets and chick crate handling are streamlined to simplify the chick room process.

Respectful Bird Handling

The design of the Dovac HIGHSPEED LINE® reduces chick drops, preventing animal injuries and stress.

The system removes the need for a chick counter.

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