Health Monitoring

To support poultry producers, Ceva continuasly invests in veterinary services for the prevention and control of key diseases 

Our Veterinary Services team is a multidisciplinary group of poultry veterinarians, each member having specific expertise in poultry health and farm management to provide customer support worldwide.

Our work is divided into three main activities.

Disease Awareness

Recurrent global disease outbreaks in poultry flocks have made disease awareness initiatives an important practice to draw attention to the importance of monitoring and detection of any threat of emerging disease pathogens. 

Immunity Monitoring

Ceva’s Veterinary Services work proactively through field monitoring services to assess poultry flock health status and vaccine take.

Field Support

Ceva Veterinary Services is committed to providing answers and solutions to your questions and concerns in the field.

Our veterinary teams not only deliver preventive products, but they also carry out in-depth investigations and take action to solve your problems.

From breeder farms to processing plants, our teams are on the ground with a wide range of services and expertise.

Health Monitoring Services & Real World Evidence

Ceva’s Veterinary Services Teams implement our Health Monitoring Services (formerly Global Protection Services – GPS), which allows poultry farm owners and managers to make data-based decisions thanks to a regular field monitoring process of their birds’ health status.

In the implementation of Health Monitoring Services, two key tools are critical:

  1. Scientific Support & Laboratory Network
  2. Real-world evidence & data management

Scientific Support and Laboratory Network

To implement our health monitoring services in the field our Veterinary Services Managers rely on :

  • Ceva Reference labs as SSIU (Scientific Studies Investigation Units). 
  • Local laboratory network certified by Ceva for the poultry vaccine take and the immunology data. 

Real World Evidence (RWE)

RWE consists of taking the health monitoring data (immunization-control of the disease) and cross-referencing them with the production parameters.

The main benefit of these two tools for our current and future clients resides in scientific and technical insights translated into higher efficiency in disease control with economic profitability. 

Our presence in the world

180 poultry veterinarians close to you

Across the globe, a team of 180 veterinarians with very diverse expertise and background are always available to help you make the right decisions to control key diseases and optimize performance by providing customized services.

135 000

flocks monitored by GPS since 2017


health status reports shared with customers


field veterinarians in R&D & SSIU


countries covered by Veterinary Service Support

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