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Egginject® is the safest in-ovo vaccination solution thanks to its patented dual pressure injection technology.

Compared to traditional fixed depth system, Egginject® technology adapts the injection depth individually to all different embryo position inside the egg and egg size.

High-speed - Dual pressure injection - Depth adaptability

Automatic and individual injection depth adaptation

The needle injection depth is adapted automatically to each embryo size and position inside the egg, thanks to Egginject® patented dual pressure injection system. This unique technology ensures delivering the vaccine into the right embryo compartment, regardless of embryo and egg size.

egginject-needle depth

For all hatchery designs

Egginject® technology is suitable for all hatcheries, whatever the size and set-up:

from 20,000 eggs/hour to 100,000 eggs/hour.


Welcome to ideal in ovo vaccination process

Egginject® is part of the ideal in-ovo vaccination process.

By combining Laser Life® and Egginject® technology, only live embryos are selectively injected and transferred to hatchers. Dead and rotten eggs remain untouched.

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