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In May, broiler price evolution remained heterogeneous: in Europe, prices increased due to lower supplies and a slight rebound in feed prices; in the USA, the balance of supply and demand stabilized prices. Poultry industry performance remains positive. HPAI remains a challenge in North America and is spreading in Australia. Global demand remains strong. A record consumption of broiler meat is expected in 2024.

May_Image1_Broiler chicken market price comparison
Broiler chicken market price comparison – May 2024


The price of chicken is increasing in the EU (+1.4%) but is down by 4% compared to 2023, despite the significant drop in feed prices. Chicken production in the first quarter of 2024 has increased considerably (+6.2%), but this growth remains insufficient to meet the very high demand. EU imports decreased in March (-18%), marking the return of European production after 2 years of HPAI presence. France (+14%), Poland (+7%), and Belgium (+36%) maintained dynamic production in Q1.

May_Image2_Broiler chicken ave. market price EU without UK
Broiler chicken market price EU w.o. UK in USD – May 2024


May_Image2_Broiler chicken ave. market price EU without UK in EUR
Broiler chicken market price EU w.o. UK in EUR – May 2024


In May, HPAI losses surpassed 5 million birds. Despite the substantial number of outbreaks, production saw a 1.7% increase from January to April 2024. The USDA remains optimistic, maintaining a positive forecast of 1% growth for 2024. Demand continues to be light to moderate, resulting in a slight dip in chicken prices for May. Export volumes continued their decline in April (-14%), with significant drops in sales to China (-65%) and Taiwan (-64%) due to HPAI-related restrictions.


May_Image3_Wholesale Broiler chicken price USA
Wholesale Broiler chicken price the USA – May 2024


Broiler prices in May continued their decline, driven by decreasing domestic demand, a considerable increase in supply, and stock accumulation. Slaughterhouses remain cautious in their live purchases. With this price drop and a significant rise in soybean and corn prices, CEPEA reports a decrease in farmers’ margins in May. Despite the overall export growth of 5% in May, sales to China fell by 24%. However, there was a notable surge in sales to the Middle East (+28%) and Mexico (+129%).

May_Image4-Wholechicken_chilled wholesale price_Brazil
Wholechicken_chilled wholesale price_Brazil in USD – May 2024


May_Image4-Wholechicken_chilled wholesale price_BR Reals
Wholechicken_chilled wholesale price_Brazil in BR Reals-May2024


In May, chicken prices declined, driven by increased slaughterhouse stocks (+6%) and weak demand. In response to this trend, slaughterhouse activity levels remain low, operating at only 73% of capacity. In the coming months, farmers remain cautious about increasing production as summer and the holiday season approach, traditionally associated with low demand. In contrast, the price of yellow-feathered chicken is rising due to dynamic demand and reduced production. In May, imports fell by 36%, mainly from the USA (-70%) and Brazil (-20%).

May_Image6_Broiler Chicken cash price_China Mainland in USD
Broiler Chicken cash price_China Mainland in USD


May_Image5_Broiler Chicken cash price_China Mainland in CNY
Broiler Chicken cash price_China Mainland in CNY – May 2024
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